Artist Biography

At the age of three, Bianca held her first art opening at the San Luis Museum and Cultural Center in San Luis, Colorado.  She spent her childhood surrounded by artists who encouraged her creativity.  Growing up, she spent many hours in the family business, Huberto’s Sculpture Studio & Foundry, learning the art of bronze casting.  Ms. Maestas graduated from Colorado College with a B.A. in Studio Arts.

A diversified artist, designer, sculptor, photographer, painter, and collage artist, Bianca’s talents are many.   Sculpture and contemporary photography are her primary mediums.  For her, “the real essence of photography can be described as “visual texture.”  The shots capture positive and negative spaces, lines, and shapes of surrounding environments focusing on micro fragments of the subject matter.” 

Bianca’s skillfully rendered base relief bronzes are figurative sketches; the essence of dance, the figure, and architectural elements in sculptural design.  The work is industrial, in way of materials.  Bronze is durability.  The natural flow of the figure gives the impression of fluid movement.  Like capturing a singular gesture in a figure, the metal is in one moment liquid; it is flowing, uncontrolled, and ready for change.  In an instant it becomes solid, confident, steady and certain. 

For artist, Bianca Maestas, the creative intent is to manifest an idea and transform it into visual reality, using concepts with light, color, form and design.